Unnamed 2D Isometric Tactics

This is the project that I am dedicating hundreds of hours. Programming-wise the scope of this is pretty much AAA material. Why? Yes, I am a madman.

It has a complex fully runtime editable job/spell/conversation/map/action scene system.

It also has stats, equipment, AI, friendly UI, good controls(you can play one-handed(no, not for that, not that kind of game)), status ailments, you can fully access the map and pretty much anything related to the Map Editor in an easy .json format.

This is what made me mad at Unity which led me to creating my own Animator system, since Unity’s is only good for 3D. Like, c’mon, not even a .PlayLast() or a way to create a sequence of animations to play automatically one after the other?

  1.  A Complex Conversation System
    • Characters having many lines, characters speaking back and forth, timing, option of snapping the camera or not when they speak
  2. Working at Runtime
    • When I pretty much remade the whole project to support, instead of a Editor-time map builder, a run-time one. This means that the player would be able to edit things like jobs, movement cost of tiles, create new and edit spells, etc
    • Later on I even made a way of importing their own tiles and characters, though the characters ended up deprecated.
  3. Map Editor
    • The basic map editor when it still was in 2.5
  4. Loading the Map
    • An update on the .gif of loading a map, now in true isometric
  5. Sprite Ordering in Isometrics Pt2
    • About the Sprite Ordering system that I use, it also has some cool images to help visualize how it works
  6. Map Builder Update?
    • An update on how things are going with the map editor/builder
  7. Spells
    • The spell system used on the map builder
  8. Remaking the Turn Order UI
    • Working on the UI of the Turn Order
  9. Arrow pathing
    • All the algorithms that were used to make a believable and working arched arrow pathing


All the art in the project is either random placeholder or by Gary Yeung (we are slowly replacing it all)